Heian Koi Emaki - Ayanashi no Kimi Manga

Categories:   Drama   Historical   Romance
Alternative: 平安恋絵巻 あやなしの君
Author: MIZUNO Takashi
Status: Completed
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Heian Koi Emaki - Ayanashi no Kimi Manga Summary
Heian period. When the world was full of mysterious things, the heroine, Itsuki, has a special power to purify the soul of evil spirits and send it to the afterworld. For that, she must liaise with the ghosts and purify them with a kiss. However, Katsuragi-sama, who is both a master and a guardian, told her that "Do not exchange kiss with living beings". One day, a letter from a childhood friend who trains at a distant Izumo has arrived. And all changed... Death isn't the end, romantic Heian stories depicting immortal feelings!