Hitori to Hitori no 3650nichi Manga

Categories:   Yaoi
Alternative: 1人と一人の3650日; 3650 Days of One Person and Another; 3650 Days of Two People Apart
Author: hitomi
Status: Completed
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Hitori to Hitori no 3650nichi Manga Summary
From Mintwood Scans: Maki confessed to his best friend Katsumi, but was told he was “disgusting”. They are coincidentally reunited after 10 years apart. Although their reunion should be a joyous one, Maki discovered that the once straight man is now sleeping with men who have dangerous reputations. Little did he know, after once being assaulted, Katsumi began to have violent sex to punishing himself for hurting Maki in his terrible self-protection. In response to those feelings, Maki says, “Katsumi-kun, I will punish you.”

Hitori to Hitori no 3650nichi Manga Chapters

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