How To Train A Good-For-Nothing Rich Boy Manga

Categories:   Mature   Yaoi   Smut
Alternative: How to Train a Good-for-Nothing Rich Boy ; Sex Training Diary of the Young Master ; Teaching Assistant's Daily Log of a Lout Young Master ; 망나니 도련님 조교일지
Author: Cheodol - Ensu
Status: Updated
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How To Train A Good-For-Nothing Rich Boy Manga Summary
As the spoiled son of a rich businessman, Yi Seo hates the idea of labor. So when his father threatens to cut him off unless he starts working, his first instinct is to run away to Germany. There, a mix-up involving suitcases results in him meeting the handsome Jaeha, who invites him to a bar for some wine. After a surprisingly deep conversation, the two men spend a passionate night together. But eventually, Yi Seo is kidnapped by his father's secretary and taken back to Korea. He then spends his days slacking off at his father's company... until Jaeha joins his department as the new team leader! To Yi Seo's surprise, the man has zero tolerance for his laziness, and threatens to heat things up at work, where people could walk in on them at any minute! Will Jaeha succeed in whipping Yi Seo into a model employee with his torturous yet pleasurable punishments?

How To Train A Good-For-Nothing Rich Boy Manga Chapters

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