Idol is a God Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Fantasy
Alternative: C wei cheng shen; C位成神; The Idol is a god
Author: Bu Dui Huo Guo
Status: Updated
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Idol is a God Manga Summary
With the constant development of technology on Earth, people no longer need to worship the weather Gods. Because of this, the Rain God, Yushi’s, power starts disappearing. He decides to venture onto Earth under the name “Shiyu” in order to restore his power. Soon scouted by an evil boss into a near-bankrupt entertainment company. Shiyu is sent to participate in the show “I am an Idol”. With absolutely zero common sense he somehow still manages to gain popularity and debut in the group SWEN alongside two other members. Overtime, Shiyu comes to discover that his groupmate, Tan Donjun, and Zhong Yun were also Gods who came to the world to work and earn faith...