Judgement Primary School Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   School Life   Shounen   Supernatural
Author: Tang Xiao Yun
Status: Updated
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Judgement Primary School Manga Summary
Li the God Killer, Wang the Devil Executor and Liu the Angel Slayer could never even dream about a reunion at Judgement Primary School. Can they turn the tide against the Demon God, Zhao the Heaven Fucker in Year 4, to change the cursed fate?Original thread (for story, Nov 2013 on): http://h.nimingban.com/t/1738904First music adaptation (for popularity, May 2014): http://www.acfun.tv/v/ac1163766Youtube version (lyrics in description): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX3sFwnWJAc...And this webcomic (Aug 2014 on): http://www.u17.com/comic/77888.htmlSelf conclusion: Someone got fed up with all the swag in contemporary Chinese online novels and came up with this. And it feels good.