Categories:   Action   Drama   Horror   Mystery   Seinen   Supernatural   Mature   Adult
Alternative: Kujaku Ou; Kujaku Ō; Kujaku-Ou; Peacock King; Peacock Lord; Spirit Warrior; 孔雀王
Release: 1985
Author: Ogino Makoto
Status: Completed
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KUJAKUOU Manga Summary
Kujaku is a Buddhist monk who specialize in exorcism, devil hunting. He is a member of Ura-Kouya, a secret organization in Japan that specialize in demon hunting. In the first 3 volumes, Ogino wrote independent short stories about Kujaku's demon hunting. But in volume 4, it evolves into an epic saga against a secret evil organization lead by The Teachers of Eight Leaves. The goal of The Teachers of Eight Leaves is to revive Peacock King and Snake King, and allow them to fight each other to give birth to the ultimate Dark Buddha.

KUJAKUOU Manga Chapters

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