Ka「」Ku「」Shi「」Go「」To「 Manga

Categories:   Drama   School Life   Shounen   Slice Of Life   Supernatural
Alternative: Kakushigoto - Secrets; か「」く「」し「」ご「」と「
Author: Sumino Yoru
Status: Updated
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Ka「」Ku「」Shi「」Go「」To「 Manga Summary
About the quiet high school student Kyou who has a special ability... A series by the author of I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, Sumino Yoru, and the artist of Kanojo wa Rokurokubi, Nieki Zui. Sumino has previously released a Ligh Novel with the same name which this series is based on. The artist is working on this series, published in Gekkan Komikku @ Banchi, as well as Jun and Kaoru, published in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, simultaneously.