Kamen Rider - Hybrid Insector (Doujinshi) Manga

Categories:   Action   Psychological   Sci-Fi   Tragedy   Superhero
Alternative: HYBRID INSECTOR; Kamen Rider dj - Hybrid Insector; ハイブリッド·インセクタ
Author: SHIMIZU Eiichi
Status: Completed
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Kamen Rider - Hybrid Insector (Doujinshi) Manga Summary
The Hybrid Insector (ハイブリッド·インセクター Haiburiddo Insekutā) is an unofficial doujinshi spin-off manga of the Showa Era Kamen Rider Series by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi (now famous for Linebarrels of Iron and ULTRAMAN Manga). Notes: The manga original serialization run for only nine chapters until Toei ordered a cease-and-desist for copyright violations, nevertheless Shimizu & Shimoguchi later announced in June 2016 that the series will restart that summer, when a new number 0 was published during 90th Comiket. New Edition Doujin chapters released: 3 (#00-02) Links: Shimoguchi's Twitter