Kami-sama, Onegai! Manga

Categories:   Drama   Slice Of Life   Yaoi   Shounen Ai
Alternative: Sweet Tears; スィート・ティアーズ; 神啊!求求祢; 神様おねがい!
Author: Mio Junta
Status: Completed
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Kami-sama, Onegai! Manga Summary
1-2: Kami-sama, Onegai! Three months after third year high school student Aobane started dating his classmate, Takahiro, he is constantly worrying if Takahiro might get tired of him. Because compared to Takahiro, who is cheerful and popular, Aobane is shy and a poor talker. On his first shrine visit of the New Year, he prays to the god of a small shrine that he could be with Takahiro forever. The next day, he found he has cat ears and a tail…?! 4-6: Sweet Tears Subaru and Masaya have known each other for almost a decade. However, Subaru's one-sided love is making it harder to be by Masaya's side. Will an unexpected confession from his friend change the course of their relationship?

Kami-sama, Onegai! Manga Chapters

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