Kamigami no Kago de Seisan Kakumei Manga

Categories:   Fantasy   Harem   Slice Of Life   Isekai
Alternative: Revolution in production with the blessings of the gods - While living a leisurely, slow life in a corner of another world, somehow a diverse group of people gathered to form the strongest nation...
Release: 2021
Author: Suzuho Hotaru
Status: Updated
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Kamigami no Kago de Seisan Kakumei Manga Summary
During the reincarnation of the Japanese company slave, Tadashi, he was impressed by God by choosing the agricultural blessing that no one had ever chosen, and received unprecedented generous blessing. And he has a dream slow life in a different world-it should have landed all-you-can-eat, a huge peninsula called Miasma Limbo! Tadashi struggled, but with his serious personality and blessing from God, he will increase the scale of agriculture with Gungun. Former queens of persecuted elves, heroes of beastmen, and master craftsmen of dwarves gathered in search of supplies made by Tadashi. Agriculture, founding of the country, slow life! A heartwarming different world agricultural fantasy, comicalize!