Categories:   Romance   Yaoi
Alternative: ライクアシュガー
Release: 2017
Author: Nago Nayuta
Status: Completed
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LIKE A SUGAR Manga Summary
From Yaoi Sekai:

Yoshimura, who holds intense passion towards making sweets, bumps into the rumored threatening Shima-senpai one day while he’s walking down the corridor. Expecting a strict reprimand from him, Shima turns out to be someone who has been adoring Yoshimura’s handmade sweets, and eventually, he starts stopping by Yoshimura’s house for more sweets on a daily basis. At first, Yoshimura is afraid of him but when he finds out about the gentle side of Shima, he starts to find himself being more and more attracted to him. Then, one day, when Yoshimura is teaching Shima how to make sweets, he finds Shima kissing him…?

A love story between a Puppy Junior and an Upfront Good-Looking Senior!

LIKE A SUGAR Manga Chapters

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