Lawless Zone Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   Drama   Romance   School Life   Shounen   Slice Of Life   Webtoon
Alternative: Outlaws; 무법지대
Author: H20
Status: Updated
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Lawless Zone Manga Summary
Two high school students, Lee Sang-Hyun and Bae Ji-Hyun, live their lives as normal high school students, while secretly hiding their true identities: Mages of Law. But on one eventful day, Bae Ji-Hyun reveals her true identity of being a Law Mage in an attempt to rescue Lee Sang-Hyun from a deadly attack from the Corruptors, but to her surprise, Lee Sang-Hyun has a secret to show of his own! Join Lee Sang-Hyun and Bae Ji-Hyun, as they make numerous sacrifices and attempts in order to fight and exterminate the Corruptors that are plaguing the world in which they live in.