Love Across Mountains and Seas Manga

Categories:   Historical   Martial Arts   Demons   Full Color   Long Strip   Official Colored
Release: 2021
Author: 漫动作
Status: Updated
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Love Across Mountains and Seas Manga Summary
Love Across Mountains and Seas Xing Tian has suffered many setbacks his entire life. He fell from being a Divine god to a god of war, and then again from being a god of war to a demon king. There has only been one person he longs for and chases after, but that person has forgotten about him again and again. Xing Tian consoles himself: it’s alright, he is a fish after all. And fishes…don’t have good memory… T/N: This manhua and its characters are based on ancient Chinese mythology recorded in Shanhaijing, or the Classic of Mountains and Seas.