Mahou Tsukai de Hikikomori? Manga

Categories:   Adventure   Fantasy   Slice Of Life   Isekai
Alternative: He Is a Wizard, but Social Withdrawal?; He Is Wizard, but Social Withdrawal?; Hikikomori Magician?; MahoMofu; Mahou Tsukai de Hikikomori?: Mofumofu Igai to mo Kokoro wo Kayowaseyou Monogatari; Mahoutsukai de Hikikomori?; Mahoutsukai de Hikikomori? ~ Mofumofu Igai Tomo Kokoro o Kayowa Seyou Monogatari ~; Shut-in Magician; Shut-in Magician? ~A Story That's Not Only Fluffy but Heartfelt as Well~; 魔法使いで引きこもり?; 魔法使いで引きこもり? ~モフモフ以外とも心を通わせよう物語~
Author: Kotoriya Emu
Status: Updated
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Mahou Tsukai de Hikikomori? Manga Summary
Shuutarou is a 90 year old "fairy" who was reincarnated by the Goddess into another world. He wishes for a "healthy body," however, he is gifted with cheat abilities to use powerful magic instead! After his parents died, he gets fostered by a woodcutter that was a former adventurer. After 11 years, he has become an apprentice adventurer at that guild then the goddess suddenly comes to him in a dream and asks him to go on a journey. So along with his beast mount companion, Pheles, they go out to adventure the world!