Makase Nasai!! Manga

Categories:   Drama   Romance
Alternative: Hand Me Your Love; Leave It to Me; Makasenasai!!; Show Me Your Love!; まかせなさい!!; 熱戀小親親
Author: Shigano Iori
Status: Completed
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Makase Nasai!! Manga Summary
Hiromi is a high school girl who has never had a boyfriend but has always enjoyed matchmaking. Riko (her younger sister) is experiencing her first love. To make it a success, Hiromi tries to find out who is the special someone in her sister's heart. To her surprise, it is Nan--best known to be the school's most flirtatious guy. It would appear that Hiromi has to face her toughest matchmaking challenge ever. Compilation volume of stories: - Hand Me Your Love!! - With a Blush and a Racing Heart - Perfect Feeling - Kiss Kiss x 2