Martial Art Successor Manga

Categories:   Martial Arts   Shounen
Alternative: 武林传人, Pugilist Successor, Murim Successor,
Author: Lofter, 南天枭,Rice in Making, 饭有主,
Status: Updated
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Martial Art Successor Manga Summary
Everyone has dream of being a martial hero when they were small, flying through the skies, travelling thousand li, travel through the continent using a flying sword , breaching defense by sky walk , channeling inner qi, a body immune to thousand poison, Is that a mirth of the legend, or there is actually such things happening? This story brings you to the martial world of today. 每个人的童年都有一个武侠梦,飞檐走壁,收发内力,百毒不侵,究竟是虚幻的传说,亦或是真有其事?这个故事带你走进现代武林世界。

Martial Art Successor Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Martial Art Successor Ch. 00 One Shot Friday, July 13, 2018