Miku no Hanayome: Vol. 14 Manga

Categories:   Romance   Shounen Ai   Shoujo Ai
Alternative: 三玖の花嫁; 三玖的花嫁
Author: WandererC and the team
Status: Updated
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Miku no Hanayome: Vol. 14 Manga Summary
To all international readers: Hi, I'm houseman1104 @ PTT.cc, TW, a staff of Miku no Hanayome creation team. I'm responsible for international contacting and translation version control. Thank you for reading this doujinshi, your reading is our best honor. First of all, I'd like to introduce our story background. The start of this story is after ch.113 p.14, when Fuutaro opened the door of classroom. Fuutaro finally chooses Yotsuba in the original ending, but all of us are not satisfied the result. So we decide to rewrite the story from this moment. If you want to enter our story, ch.113 p.14 will be the best break-point. Secondly, we hope as more as possible of global Go-Toubun fans, especially Miku fans, can read our work. If you want to translate our work into your language, please contact with me. I can provide our raw image (without subtitle) to you. What you only need to do is sharing the translated version with us, including the link of forum where you share it. We'd like to know how other fans response on our work. Finally, the following is information of our illustrator, Wandererc Chen. Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/user/2602824/series/75758 Twitter: https://twitter.com/wandererc2010 Without his contribution, we definitely can't perform this story to all you guys. I hope you can visit his website and give him some encourage supporting him finish his epic work. Thanks again, enjoy the story. Best Regards, [email protected] [email protected] TW 2020.03.02