Mokuyoubi wa Kimi to Nakitai. Manga

Categories:   Drama   Romance   Tragedy
Alternative: I want to cry with you on Thursday.; KimiNaki; Thursday I want to weep with you.; きみなき; 木曜日は君と泣きたい。
Author: Kudou Makoto
Status: Updated
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Mokuyoubi wa Kimi to Nakitai. Manga Summary
“It's a very human thing to have somethin' like a dirty secret you can't tell” Kaoru goes to the same college as the popular model she yearns for: Reika. On campus, Reika stands out considerably shining as an intelligent, beautiful, and perfect girl. In the middle of all this, Kaoru witnesses Reika kissing another woman–––. Kaoru and Reika are in the center of it all, mixing with the love and hate of both men and women. With no way out, their campus life begins. Links: Mangaka's Twitter