Mushoku ga Saikyou de Aru Koto wo Ore Dake ga Shitte Iru Manga

Categories:   Action   Drama   Fantasy   Magic   Monsters   Reincarnation   Full Color   Long Strip   Web Comic   Genderswap   Gore
Alternative: I'm the Only One Who Knows That Jobless Is the Strongest
Release: 2023
Author: Koji Aotsuki
Status: Updated
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Mushoku ga Saikyou de Aru Koto wo Ore Dake ga Shitte Iru Manga Summary
Dungeons have been appearing in the world for the past few years. Hunters, the cornerstone of clearing dungeons, each have a job with its own traits and abilities. The one said to be the weakest among all of them is “Jobless”. It has neither traits nor abilities. That’s why it’s not even thought of as a proper job. However, Meguru rises to an S-rank hunter with that very job and challenges the Sky Dungeon, which is known as the greatest obstacle. He worked with other S-rank hunters and, the moment he thought he’d defeated the final boss… He was stabbed from behind. The other S-ranks had betrayed him. As he took his final breaths, his sister Kanna was also killed. “I’ll never forgive you. I’ll kill each and every one of you…!” Meguru was reborn with that obsession. He was reincarnated as a girl that looks exactly like Kanna. And like last time, his job was Jobless… With the knowledge of his past life and the future power of Jobless, Meguru will dominate everyone and everything. He starts conquering dungeons once again. This time with the ultimate goal of revenge.