My Milky Way Love Story Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   Romance
Alternative: 我的银河系恋爱史
Author: Shan Shui
Status: Updated
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My Milky Way Love Story Manga Summary
A manhua artist with no house, no car and no girlfriend. The Princess of the Milky Way who has studied hard in the ways of love. An outwardly kind but black hearted queen of the hive who is also looking for a man. Li Xianyu, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, has had is life completely turned upside down. Of course, there's still the biggest problem of all. How to deal with the overbearing and charismatic father who always gets his way. 没房没车没女友的三无漫画家,努力学习谈恋爱的银河系公主殿下,温柔腹黑愁嫁的虫巢御姐首领,自此李羡渔啼笑皆非的逆转人生开始了。当然,最大的难题是,如何搞定霸道多金魅力值永登榜首的岳父大人?