Nine Heavenly Star Art Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Wuxia
Alternative: Jiǔxīng tiānchén jué; Jiuxing Tianchen; 九星天辰诀
Author: 原 著 : 发 飙 的 蜗 牛
Status: Updated
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Nine Heavenly Star Art Manga Summary
Cultivate the Nine Heavenly Star Art and create your own legendary myth! This is the cartoon-adaptation of popular author Mad Snail's "Nine Heavenly Star Art". This is a world where humans, demons and mysterious beasts coexist. Humans cultivate mysterious qi. Demons cultivate corporeal bodies. Mysterious beasts cultivate soul perception. A legend says that in the middle of an endless rainforest, there are extremely powerful existences; they are called demon kings. Some demon kings have a tyrannical corporeal body, some are experts in illusions. Some demon kings are proficient in magic, some can even move mountains. Some demon kings are able to sense things thousands of miles away. These demon kings rarely appear in the human world. Even if they emerge in the human world, they would reincarnate in human form; assimilating with mankind while seeking to breakthrough realms…….