Ore no Iinazuke ni Natta Jimiko, Ie de wa Kawaii Shika nai Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   School Life   Slice Of Life
Alternative: The Plain-Looking Girl, Who Became My Fiancée, Is Only Cute at Home;My Plain-Looking Fiancee Is Secretly Sweet With Me
Release: 2022
Author: Yuu Hidaka
Status: Updated
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Ore no Iinazuke ni Natta Jimiko, Ie de wa Kawaii Shika nai Manga Summary
“Onii-san, congratulations on your marriage. This person is your bride.” “M-my name is Watanae Yuuka… I’m in the same class as you…” My name is Sakata Yuuichi. I’m in my 2nd year of high school. Due to my parents’ circumstances, I’m suddenly getting married..? Furthermore, my partner is a plain girl, Watanae-san. During my 3rd year of middle school, I went through a bad experience. Ever since then, I’ve only been interested in 2D heroines. There’s absolutely no way I’d ever be interested in a 3D girl. That was what I thought, but… “…Well then, who’s your favorite heroine right now?” Turns out, she was actually an otaku and she becomes very talkative when you get to know her. She’d always happily engage in our conversations. She showed me things I’d never have expected from a girl in my class. “Err, since we’re going to be living together… Is it okay if I call you Yuu-kun?” And, the moment I let my guard down, she’d instantly try to shorten the distance between us. What’s more… “Just between you and me, I’m actually the voice actress for Yuuna Izumi from 『Alice Stage』. Thank you for always supporting me!” It’s a secret from everyone else, but it turns out she’s actually my favorite heroine’s voice actress?! I am only interested in 2D heroines! But, Yuuka’s true self, which she only shows when she’s alone with me, is nothing but cute! This is the story of me and Yuuka, starting as fiancees. A heartwarming and chaotic romcom!