Penal Servitude 339 Years Manga

Categories:   Mystery   Shounen   Supernatural
Alternative: 339 NĂM LAO ĐỘNG KHÔ SAI, 339 Years of Penal Servitude, Choueki 339 Nen, 懲役339年, 징역 339년, Choueki 339-nen
Author: Tomoka Ise
Status: Updated
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Penal Servitude 339 Years Manga Summary
The series set in a fictional world that believes in reincarnation of the soul. If someone accomplished great things in their previous life, the society expects that person to also be very successful in their current life. On the other hand, if one commits a great sin and is punished with a large prison sentence that far exceeds the life expectancy of that individual, he is forced to continue serving that sentence in his next life. This is a story of Haro Ahinsa and his reincarnations, that have been sentenced to 339 years of penal servitude for the his sin.