Peony Elegy: No Desires Manga

Categories:   Drama   Historical   Josei   Manhwa   Psychological   Romance
Alternative: 작약만가 : 불환곡 / 芍药挽歌·不还曲 / 芍薬挽歌〜宮廷の妖魔〜 不還曲 / Peony Elegy: Song of No Return
Status: Updated
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Peony Elegy: No Desires Manga Summary
A tale of cruel revenge in the heart of the Imperial Palace. This is the story of a Court Lady, Longhee, who has spent numerous years between the high walls of the Inner Palace, and of her son, Un, the First Imperial Prince. It follows their lives as they struggle for survival and guard one another against the treachery that lurks in the darkness of the Imperial Harem.