Pulverize 'Em Zack! Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   Fantasy   Shounen
Alternative: Hajikete! Zakku; Labyrinthine Legend: Pulverize 'Em Zack!; Meikyuu Shinwa: Hajikete! Zakku; はじけて!ザック; 迷宮神話はじけて!ザック
Author: Inoue Daisuke
Status: Completed
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Pulverize 'Em Zack! Manga Summary
Follow the adventures of Zack, a crazy boy with even crazier strength who loves to fight! What starts out as an innocent boxing match soon leads Zack into the world of invincible demon-possessed teenagers, acid-spewing mutants, and craven, bloodthirsty cultists! If you're looking for a manga that just bleeds insanity, then you've found it!