Qiao'er is Naughty Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Fantasy   Historical   Romance   Magic   Webtoon   Full Color   Long Strip   Web Comic   Official Colored
Alternative: Qiao Er Is Not Obedient ; The Special Girl ; 乔儿不听话
Author: Bian li jun; 卞丽君
Status: Updated
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Qiao'er is Naughty Manga Summary
Nan Qiao'er, the ever-popular, top-searched celebrity of the Celestial Realm... transformed into a cheeky little imp during a live stream of her ascension in front of thousands! And she's even picked up by the scary Demon Lord... to serve as a meat shield!? Thank goodness mini-Qiao'er still retains her angelic looks. Now all she has to do to latch firmly onto the Demon Lord, and make puppy-dog eyes to plead for her life...