Reverse Villain Manga

Categories:   Action   Isekai   Wuxia   Superhero
Alternative: 리버스 빌런
Author: Gondrigogi, Han Yeo-Leum
Status: Updated
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Reverse Villain Manga Summary
Jung-woo, who was reincarnated in the past and tried to conquer Murim, continued his conquest. Because of Shin-Ryong, who is left in a reincarnation cycle along with him, he fails to conquer Murim. In the end, even the fifth attempt fails and he is reincarnated into modern times. Reincarnating into the modern world changes Jung-woo's passion and dream. He seeks a battle with a powerful enemy, but he's too powerful for most. This is a story of a persistent relationship that has continued from lifetime to lifetime and how he breaks free from a monotonous goal.