Romsen Saga Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Comedy   Fantasy   [No Chapters]
Alternative: Romsen・Saga; Romsen-Saga
Release: 2013
Author: GOTSUBO Masaru
Status: Updated
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Romsen Saga Manga Summary
In the Kingdom of Bandiera, the royal prophet has announced the incoming resurrection of the Demon King, 500 years after the first King sealed it. Four heroes were thus chosen and sent to the location of the Demon's prison.…Meanwhile, Charlie Barett, a modest gate keeper, is stuck at the Royal City with a job he hates, spending his days complaining to his captain and his co-workers; one of which is the noticeably generic-looking Jimmy Monbarn.This is the story of a world of swords and magic, of its heroes, its Demon King… and of the people living in its vicinity.