Schäferhund Manga

Categories:   Action   Drama
Alternative: Schäferhund; シェイファー・ハウンド; 战车美少女
Author: HOSHI Takashi
Status: Completed
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Schäferhund Manga Summary
This is the fictional story of an all-female German tank squad, which was "lost in the darkness of history," called Schaferhund. They're fierce fighters who don't fear death, and who think of themselves as expendable. They are typically up against the resistance, who will even use children to murder German soldiers. One day, they get a new commander, a young man who values the human lives of the people under his command. There's plenty of friction between the former acting commander of the squad, Kaya, and the new commander--and not only because he accidentally saw her (and many other female soldiers) mostly naked. What will the future hold in store for Schaferhund?