Senobishite Jounetsu Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   Slice Of Life   Supernatural   Tragedy   Anthology   Office Workers
Alternative: Grow Up, and Passion
Author: Sengoku Hiroko
Status: Completed
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Senobishite Jounetsu Manga Summary
Pureness and harshness, heartrending yet lovely. “Sensei, I like you.” Sutou-sensei is confessed to by a student of hers. In the space between her position as a teacher and her own feelings, her emotions waver…The 4-koma “Senobishite Jounetsu” that raised controversy with mixed receptions during its serialization is included here, in this completely transparent yet unscenic collection of works. Also included: - Akakunaiito - Sakurahime - Osake-san - Shougatsu Sousou - Oyome ni Ittemo - Ame to Neko - Fuufu Kakigōri - Juugoya ni, Ofuro