She is coming, please get down! Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   Drama   Psychological   Romance   Thriller   Magical Girls
Alternative: 她来了,请趴下
Author: Cổ Hiên, Dưỡng Tiểu Bạch Đích Hạp Hạp, Phác Thúc
Status: Updated
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She is coming, please get down! Manga Summary
Writer: Cổ Hiên Editor: Dưỡng Tiểu Bạch Đích Hạp Hạp Tử Color: Giảo Giảo Background: Hạp Tử Editor: Phác Thúc The 18-year-old actress fell into the sea, when she returned her personality completely changed. Before she was soft, easy to bully, suddenly now she is a ruthless killer that everyone hears scared . From poor acting to talented actress, rich men everywhere are wholeheartedly respectful to her ... Tacit rules? How much money is your company worth? Famous actress? I just had a little fun, not being careful won the prize. Trash? I understand the most is this, do not be too weak, then I am not satisfied. Returning in the name of the god of death, I will take revenge