Sigeup Yeonae Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Romance   School Life   Full Color   Long Strip   Web Comic   Adaptation
Alternative: Hourly Love
Release: 2022
Author: BA
Status: Updated
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Sigeup Yeonae Manga Summary
‘Date me for 20,000 won an hour.’ Cha Do Hyun is a poor college student. One day, he got a ridiculous offer from Lee Sana, a younger student at the university. Should he accept the offer from this girl, who was looking for a good place to bury a body on campus? Everything about it is suspicious, but having just been fired from his part-time job, the offer is too sweet for Cha Do hyun to turn down! “You are totally worth the money” “Keep that thought to yourself!” A woman with nothing but money, a man with everything but money, and their suspicious dating service.