The Time of Cherry Blossoms Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Psychological   Slice Of Life
Alternative: As The Sakura Flowers Bloom; Ciliegi in fiore; Le temps des cerisiers; Sakura no Hanasaki kukoro; 桜の花咲くころ; 桜の花咲くころ 北条司短編集
Author: HOJO Tsukasa
Status: Updated
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The Time of Cherry Blossoms Manga Summary
1. Sakura no Hanasaki Kukoro 2. Family Plot Losing your memory is not only painful for themselves, but also for people who love you. Hideyuki, a photographer, tries to find the memories that bind him to his son and the woman he loved. 3. Taxi Driver A story about a vampire who works as a night taxi driver. His victims are his clients...or so it should be, for his good heart often remains with dry mouth, and when a young girl asks for his help, the real trouble begins. 4. Shoujo no Kisetsu - Summer Dream Misako was always afraid of water, a distant memory that resurfaces in her dreams, until she finds herself trapped in a strange realm, somewhere between her dream and her past....