Torikago no Naka no Kimi Manga

Categories:   Drama   Romance   Yaoi
Alternative: Inside Your Cage; 鳥籠の中のキミ
Author: Minase Masara
Status: Completed
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Torikago no Naka no Kimi Manga Summary
An exemplary student with excellent grades, Souma was abandoned by his mother as a child and his aunt and uncle took him in. They are a wealthy family, but the uncle is completely uninterested in Souma, not to mention his aunt loathes the fact that they have to take care of him. The only one who needs Souma in this unwelcoming household is his cousin Sakuya, who becomes very important to Souma. But 12 years later, when Sakuya learns about Souma's plan to become independent, he takes Souma's body by force…

Torikago no Naka no Kimi Manga Chapters

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