Treasure Hunter Jubei Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Comedy   Fantasy   Seinen
Alternative: Treasure Hunter; Uchuu Juubee; 肥前屋十兵衛
Author: Tomizawa Hitoshi
Status: Completed
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Treasure Hunter Jubei Manga Summary
From the creator of Alien Nine! He is the greatest adventurer that has ever lived! His name is Jubei, and he is the Treasure Hunter! Jubei is hired by a mysterious woman to retrieve a mystical food that grants eternal youth. It's a simple job, but when Jubei learns the secret of the special ingredient, he realizes that this job won't be a piece of cake! Written and drawn by Hitoshi Tomizawa, Treasure Hunter is filled with action, adventure and comedy, and is sure to appeal to fans of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and the Slayers line of graphic novels!