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Author: Taka Kyomori
Status: Updated
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VIKING LORD Manga Summary
VIKING LORD is a manga that flips traditional Manga on its head. Instead of your traditional bright orange heroes that go on about unity and doing the right thing with a positive attitude, we meet, Yoyo Kato who is the complete opposite. Background Lore: Years ago in the Viking world, four of the strongest houses engaged in war and political violence against each other. Those houses were House Kato, House Sontamari, House Jeger, and house Seed. House Sontamari dominated the houses in all political and war aspects, going to far as to even enslave the other three houses. House Kato after a revolutionary ten-year war decided to offer a peace treaty. Losing the war the Sontamari agreed but before they could all four Houses were destroyed in one night leaving nothing but death behind. Story begins: After the destruction of the four strongest houses, house Kato left behind two surviving members that were rescued by their also surviving grandfather and brought to a secret island that\'s always moving! This island is filled with other orphans from smaller destroyed houses. Yoyo won\'t even try to blend in and make friends, his only goal is to kill those who wronged him and his house! Follow Yoyo as he battles between forgiveness and destruction!

VIKING LORD Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
VIKING LORD CHAPTER 1 Wednesday, July 21, 2021