Vartrag Tale Manga

Categories:   Drama   Fantasy   Historical   Shoujo   Supernatural
Alternative: フェアトラーク寓話; フェアトラーク寓話 コルマ城の執事; フェアトラーク寓話 コルマ城の執事; Vartrag Tale - Korumajou no Shitsuji; Vertrag Guuwa; Vertrag Tale
Release: 1996
Author: OKI Mamiya
Status: Updated
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Vartrag Tale Manga Summary
The series contains 2 volumes; 1) Vartrag Tale Ralph can see angels and demons. When he was five years old he came across the winged demon Valafar and was completely charmed by him. He made a pact with the demon in order to make his wish, to live with Valafar, come true. Seven years must pass, and there are two conditions that must be met for the pact to be fulfilled. Can the older Ralph discard his ties to humanity and fulfill the pact...? 2) Vartrag Tale - Korumajou no Shitsuji