Villainess's Survival Diary Manga

Categories:   Drama   Fantasy   Romance   Supernatural   Demons   Webtoon   Isekai   Reincarnation   Full Color   Long Strip   Official Colored
Alternative: Nhật Ký Sống Sót Của Nữ Phụ Phản Diện
Author: Sâu lười ; Vân mc
Status: Updated
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Villainess's Survival Diary Manga Summary
Nguyet, an actress specializing in villainess roles in cheesy romance films, has transmigrated into the plot of the movie she just acted in. According to the script, she'll be burned alive at the age of 20. Not wanting to meet such a hellish ending, Nguyet is determined to win over the male lead so that he won't have any reason to hate her. Of course, when one person changes something, it will make a ripple effect and cause the entire story to change, and the male lead ends up falling in love with the villainess. The harder Nguyệt tries to make the story follow its original path, the more it diverts.