Virtues Of Villainess Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Fantasy   Historical   Manhwa   Psychological   Romance   Shoujo   Supernatural   Shoujo Ai   Magic   Isekai
Alternative: Virtue Bestowed by the Villainess / فضيلة كونك شريرا / 악역이 베푸는 미덕 / 反派女主的美德
Author: Rat poop bird poop
Status: Updated
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Virtues Of Villainess Manga Summary
Ginger Torte and Lerajie Atlanta, both noble daughters of marquesses, are lifelong enemies and rivals. When Ginger’s fiance, Kishon Mickelson, is stolen by Lerajie, Ginger decides she’s had enough! But one day, Ginger stumbles upon a strange novel - one where Lerajie is the main protagonist, and she is the villainess! She tries her best to ignore it, but when things start playing out just as written in the story, she has no choice but to rely on the novel to change her doomed future as the villainess. “Exactly what did I do to deserve this fate?! Why did I have to become the villainess?” Enter the mysterious Prince Izana, the male lead of the novel. Confined within the depths of the Templar Tower for years by King Astor, he finally sees the light of day when his father passes away. But according to the novel, he’s destined to fall in love with Lerajie, leaving Ginger to wallow in her own misery! “All I ever did was live life as best I could! But as if stealing my fiance wasn’t enough, now Lerajie is going to claim the male lead?! No way I’ll let that happen!”