Wanko ni Kuchizuke Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   Romance   Seinen   Supernatural
Alternative: 犬神姫にくちづけ; Inugami Hime ni Kuchizuke; Inugamihime (Wanko) ni Kuchizuke; Inugamihime ni Kuchizuke; Kiss for Princess of Dog Spirit; Why not be my dog ♥
Author: Miyata Kouji
Status: Updated
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Wanko ni Kuchizuke Manga Summary
Kazura has an unusual job in a department that handles clearing out demons and spirits. Her teammates include a super-otaku, a former delinquent with fire powers, a drunken magic sword wielder, a British exorcist and a powerful Buddhist monk. Kazura's role is not so glamorous, though. She forms a team with her manager, as a vessel for the dog spirits he controls. When he kisses her, she is possessed by the powerful dog spirit Bentengou for about five minutes, after which she usually wakes up to herself doing something embarassing, like licking her "master's" face!