Young Lady, I'm A Yankee Butler Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Romance   Seinen   Slice Of Life
Alternative: My Lady, I'm a Yankee Butler ; Ojou-sama, Yankii Shitsuji de Gozaimasu ; お嬢さま、ヤンキー執事でございます
Author: Niiya Rin
Status: Updated
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Young Lady, I'm A Yankee Butler Manga Summary
Due to the great popularity of the one-shot, handsome butlers are newly added and serialized! Shuji Karasuma spends his days in quarrel. At first sight, I fell in love with the owner of a masculine butler cafe when I was forcibly treated for my injury ! Although she is a yankee, her clumsy work is very popular with young ladies. A hit on the heart, a work comedy released by a pure Yankee !