Your Devotion is My Salvation Manga

Categories:   Action   Romance   Webtoon   Full Color   Long Strip   Web Comic   Official Colored   Police   Mafia
Alternative: Devotion is Salvation ; 헌신은 구원을
Author: Nam taeryeong
Status: Updated
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Your Devotion is My Salvation Manga Summary
Police officer Reinholt who went to a 5-star hotel for a vacation wanted a one night stand at first sight with a man who introduced himself as “Milo”. In that passing moment when Reinholt thought of how he wanted to have a special relationship with him, he saw Milo with an unusual crowd… Is that guy part of the mafia…? Even when Reinholt teld himself in his mind that he shouldn't, his heart was doing the opposite and it kept reacting to Milo. Kill or be killed… This is the dizzying romance between a police officer and a mafia! (from Random Fujoshis Scans)